Here We Go!

Hi, my name is Juliette. My mum let me do the blog this time, so here is a bit about me: I am the oldest child, I am nine years

old and I like to study photography and biology.

tor and jor

So here's the blog: Mum and Dad have just opened their new ministry: Shylah house. It's a pregnancy home for young women and their babies, and we just so happen to have our first girl already and her newborn! It's really exciting. I really like her because she is like a big sister to me, we paint nails, do hair and play together. Her baby boy is cute also.

We also run a homeschool co-op with a thai language school called the Light of Hope. So, every Monday and Thursday we study thai together and do project based learning.I really like writing the thai alphabet because the letters look artistic, here's an example: สวัสดีฉันชื่อจูเลียต (hello, my name is Juliette). We also play games, do book reports and draw.

just the girls

Also, about a month ago, we went to Vietnam for our visa run. While we where there we did some tourist attractions. My favourite place was kids city. Its like a town where you do activities and get payed. With the money, you can get candy, souvenirs and more money! We also went to a water puppet show. It's a stage full of water. Behind it is a curtain with people behind using puppets. Lucinda ( the 2nd youngest ) absolutely loved it! We went to a 3D museum which is a painted background and floor. You stand in the middle of it and take a photo, and it looks like you're in the picture! And I got to be the photographer of the trip!

the water puppets
Clarence the duck

And...we have baby ducklings. We got them as eggs and incubated them for about 3-4 weeks and then they hatched. It's a long story: Mum and I just got back from a long trip. Just before I went to bed, mum rushed in my room and yelled "THE EGGS HAVE HATCHED!" We all came rushing in and took a look in the incubator and sure enough, there where 3 new ducks. My younger sister and I almost screamed with excitement!

I feel God has been working through me to my siblings a lot lately and I have felt Gods presence a lot since we got here in Thailand. I also got baptised in the Holy Spirit! I am very happy about it.

I hope you enjoyed the blog, and BIG THANKS to those who support us.

God Bless You Lots

Juliette Morley xx

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