Dream School is a part-time Homeschool co-op, started in Chiang Rai (Northern Thailand) in 2018 which works in partnership with registered and accredited Thai education services. Along with a dedicated core group of parents, we aim to support both missionary families, as well as native Thai students who have slipped through the cracks of mainstream education.

     We aim to create an environment that facilitates freedom through its relaxed, non-judgmental, thought provoking, choice giving and experienced based atmosphere.


     It is our mission to teach or provide access to the skills, experiences and relationships they need to discover and grow their gifts, talents and passions. Core values such as love, trust, kindness, compassion, self control, faith, forgiveness, purity, joy and peace will provide the atmosphere for this discovery and growth.


     While in pursuit of their dreams, our desire is that happiness and good health be the substance in which our children’s dreams sprout and mature, and that ‘purpose, contribution and service’ be the context in which they are fulfilled.


     Overarching all of this is our firm conviction that within a meaningful, daily relationship with God the Creator, our children will dream with Him, hear and obey His voice, and become the fulfilment of the ageless request: “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

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*Dream School Chiang Rai is proud to be a "sister school" with Dream School Australia, and greatly values their help and support!