We believe that the ultimate cause of any lasting social change is - first and foremost - individual spiritual change. In a country that is still 99% Buddhist, the focus of our mission here is intentional discipleship in daily life.


       All of our projects have engrained in them a thread of relational discipleship, where we walk alongside the individual, teaching them Gods ways and teaching them how to form relationship with God for themselves.


        Furthermore, we run numerous bilingual Bible studies and House church meetings every week, where we reach deeper into God’s written word, as led by the Holy Spirit, to see people empowered to live lives of victory in the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ.


         Our heart is to create disciples who create disciples, all whilst living in a place of rest in their own relationship with Father God. We want to see the body of Christ in Thailand rise up into the full revelation of “Ecclesia”, bringing the Kingdom of God to earth in every arena.